The Der Ziesel outdoors.

Der Ziesel

Nov 12 • Multipurpose, Rides • 2520 Views • No Comments on Der Ziesel

What do you get when you combine a M1 Abrams Battle Tank with a Hoveround mobility scooter? A Der Ziesel, apparently.

The Der Ziesel is an offroad vehicle that is capable of taking on whatever you can throw at it . . . snow, sand, stone, mud, or grass. And although it might look intimidating, it’s actually a relatively simple machine. Essentially, the Der Ziesel makes use of 4-Season rubber tracks, a racing seat, an intuitive joystick, and two high performance motors powered by a Lithium-Ion battery.

You’ll get 21 horsepower, a top speed of 22 mph, and battery life of up to 5 hours. But more importantly, you’ll have a personal driving machine to take with you on hikes, toboggan runs, bikeparks, and beach dunes.

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