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Despite looking like a slightly roomier version of those pods in The Matrix that store humans, EcoCapsules are a far more appealing space to be enclosed in and just about the most futuristic retreat we’ve seen yet.

Roomy enough to comfortably house two adults, each has a toilet and shower, folding bed, internal storage, a working and dining area and a kitchenette, so you should be able to fit everything you need in there to survive whatever sort of extinction level event has caused those who are less well prepared to die out. And importantly, with its 2.62m² covering of solar cells, 750W built-in wind-turbine and rainwater collector you’ll have the power and bare essentials required to stay warm, fed and entertained.

Prices on this modern day getaway home are yet to be announced, but a functional prototype has been finished and it’s now going into production – though more likely as independent research stations, emergency housing or humanitarian-action units than zombie-denying bunkers.

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