Eleks’ Apple Watch App

Mar 22 • Gear • 700 Views • No Comments on Eleks’ Apple Watch App

What’s the point of having a futuristic electric uber car if you can’t control and monitor it from your watch? This issue was so vexing that Eleks built an app for the Apple Watch that does exactly this, months in advance of the April release date for the Apple Watch.

The app can display the battery level, range and mileage, car condition and temperature of your Tesla on the main screen. It can also lock and unlock the car, turn on the headlights, and control the air conditioning just in case you left the dog or a small child in the car while you rushed out to buy quinoa/trade stock futures in exchange for an island lair. It will even allow you to honk the horn and open the sunroof, just in case you’re concerned you empty Tesla isn’t getting enough attention.

It’s all pretty cool, but developers have so far been working without access to the Apple Watch’s gyroscope, accelerometer, microphone, Bluetooth, and Apple’s Taptic Engine system of tactile notifications, so there should be a lot more to the app closer to its release.

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