The book, Essential Manners for Men, 2nd Edition.

Essential Manners for Men, 2nd Edition

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Becoming a man is about more than just growing hair on your chest. There will come a time–many times, actually–when you’ll need to know the basic etiquettes of life. Lucky for you and I, Peter Post published the second edition of his popular book, Essential Manners for Men.

Inside you’ll learn how to act in different situations and environments. Everything is covered: dating, handshakes, email, texting, divorce, weddings, layoffs, dining, parenting, sportsmanship, and even social media manners.

Whether you know it or not, you need this book. Because let’s face it, watching Jackass 1, 2, and 3 didn’t teach you a thing . . . aside from how to be a jackass, of course.

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