F-Type Project 7

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As a boy, I had a poster of the Jaguar E-type on my bedroom wall. It had been discontinued back in 1975 – maybe the folks at Jaguar had decided trying to improve on sports car perfection was a hiding to nothing. Then in 2013, Jaguar dropped the F-bomb – an aggressive, racing-inspired convertible and coupe with a powerful punch in a tiny package.

In 2015, the F-type really hits full stride with a range of models that top out with the Project 7. This 5.0 litre V8 has an all-aluminium body, carbon ceramic brakes and a monster 595bps capable of pushing the flyweight car to 300km/h – how it stays on the ground at that speed is one of the mysteries of physics. No production Jaguar has ever been more powerful or accelerated more quickly. With only up to 250 vehicles produced globally, F-TYPE Project 7 will be one of the rarest and most sought-after Jaguar cars ever.

If the F-Type’s looks don’t announce your arrival, then here’s a nice touch – the roar of the quad exhaust, inspired by the Jaguar D-Type, can be manually controlled for a deeper, more dramatic sound. A few revs of this trumps a car horn any day.

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