Fallout 4 Official Trailer

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After as much apocalyptic teasing as the Cold War, Fallout 4 is finally on the way – and there’s a trailer to prove it. Here’s what we know: Boston is definitely the setting; there’s a German Shepherd who can smell the past; a sky ship floats about looking for all the world lot like the USS Constitution; and the apocalypse looks a lot like present-day Detroit.

When role-playing gamers last left Fallout 3, they discovered that the resident scientists had developed human-like synthetics and AI, and that there was an underground movement to free sentient androids from their creators. It’s all a great set-up to even more nihilistic abandon, oddball characters, and Nuka Cola bingeing. Who knows, we may even have a game-within-a-game scenario as MIT takes on Harvard in an AI and robot-driven chess match?

This game comes with big expectations. The fans want better endings instead of endless rambling. They want characters with a voice – not everyone’s lived in a vault all their life, you know. How about putting more ‘intelligence’ into A.I.? Maybe we could cut the small talk, too – it’s the apocalypse, so you’d think it was time for some big, John Oliver-style questions on society.

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