Famosa Range Rover Ride-On

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We all want a better life for our kids, and that starts with a good set of wheels. My first four-wheelers relied on scrapped golf carts, a grassy hill and the unchangeable direction of gravity, but European toy company Famosa has something a little different in mind for the next generation.

Famosa has been careful to teach kids to be practically-minded and grounded by styling their luxury 12-volt ride-on after the Range Rover Sport. This choice brings the big wheels and a reverse gear that will make sure your child’s adventures won’t be tripped up by mud, a sandpit or even G.I. Joe’s RPGs. Prepare your child for real-world distractions as he or she attempts to fine tune their infant motor skills by driving while listening to favourite songs connected to the car via iPhone or MP3 player, handling a sippy cup from one the two cup-holders and honking the horn at confused cats and dogs. This mean ride tops out at a safe 4.5 mph and is available exclusively through Toys “R” Us.

Of course, if your little sweetheart starts curb-crawling the neighbourhood blasting jungle beats remixes of The Wiggles and distributing baggies Pop Rocks to the other kids, then you may have to set some ground rules.

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