Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer

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Poor old Fantastic Four. In a world where many superhero films have achieved the impossible by moving away from camp slapstick into something that could be vaguely considered serious and engaging, the new “Four” movies were pretty much consigned to the cosmic graveyard along with such classics as Spiderman 3, Green Lantern and Batman and Robin (shudder). But fear not for Hollywood hath done what it always does in such situations – hit the reset button.

The teaser trailer for the new Fantastic Four, which hits our screens in August, reveals a familiar pattern. From what we can tell it’s grittier and darker with more serious themes and is refreshingly devoid of “glam” actors that simply cannot be taken seriously in such roles as… erm… a stretchy man and a giant boulder.

Not much else is revealed aside from a back shot of the four looking at a strange pulsing light beam, but you can just about make out a rock-like creature that doesn’t look like he’s covered in Styrofoam and painted by children, so that’s a good start.

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