Ferrari California T

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Perhaps you know a little about previous models of the Ferrari California. Forget it. In 2014, the ‘T’ tacked onto the model’s name may as well stand for ‘tipped on its head’.

Yes, it still looks like an American muscle car that had an exotic tryst with a European coupé, it still flips its lid on and off, there are still four seats – but so much has changed.

For a start, it’s the first road-going Ferrari with turbos since the F40, which hasn’t been in production since grunge rock was a thing.  It’s no coincidence that this comes in the same year Formula 1 turns to turbos. The twin-scroll turbine engine is lower in the chassis to enhance handling, the chassis and bodyshell are made entirely from aluminium and the interior has more leather than a herd of Texas longhorns, with detail that has caused myopia in a score of craftsmen. But the real goods are under the hood.

Turbo lag has virtually been eliminated and the torque has jumped a whopping 50% over the previous naturally-aspirated California – all with about 20% less CO2 emissions and a 15% improvement in fuel consumption. If that doesn’t silence the greenies… then you can always drown them out with the distinctive Ferrari engine note that now comes with a cleaner, fresher smell.

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