Ferrari-designed Cruise Train

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When Ferrari isn’t busy designing some of the most powerful and beautiful luxury cars ever made it likes to get its hands dirty with other ventures – phones, watches, motorbikes, you name it. And now it has loaned out one of its designers to build plans for a new £30million luxury train in Japan, due to hit the rails in 2017.

As we’ve seen, Asia has a tendency to splash mega-bucks on this sort of thing – if it’s not breaking records with high-octane engines it’s feeding out luxury to the wealthy, a category into which this locomotive fits nicely.

This is a 34 passenger vehicle with 10 carriages, two glass-walled observation areas and a deluxe suite that has two floors, two-double beds, a private bathroom and an upstairs lounge area. Though some might consider it a “rival product”, let’s face it; if you’re riding around on this beast you probably have a couple of Ferraris in your garage anyway.

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