Ficks Cocktail Fortifiers in three different flavors.

Ficks Cocktail Fortifiers

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No matter how strong your love is for alcohol, the fact is drinking takes a toll on your body. Dehydration takes place and then hangovers ensue. But what if we could mitigate the misery that goes along with a night of intoxication?

Ficks Cocktail Fortifiers contain a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants that help fight the negative effects of alcohol consumption. The fortifiers are available in ginger, lemon, and lime, allowing them to be mixed with your favorite cocktail . . . tasting just like a garnish. But if you happen to enjoy your drinks as is, we’re told there is a flavorless version on the horizon.

As the men behind Ficks put it, “flavor the night, savor the day.”

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