Filson Restoration Department

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Sometimes things have more power and charisma when they are rebuilt, restored and rebirthed for a new life – vintage motorcycles, the Terminator, and vampires, for instance. The same can be said about Filson bags, minus the potential for danger and violence.

Filson’s all-American handmade bags are ridiculously durable, but on the very infrequent occasion that one reaches the end of its life, the new Filson Restoration Department steps in. Here bags are rebuilt one at a time using weathered fabric, reinforcing stitches and rare color combinations, with each bag featuring a patina from use that others have worked hard at for years to achieve. A rugged Twill and Tin Cloth construction provides weather protection, with bridle leather added for durability – just like a vampire, these bags are much harder to kill second time around.

If a brand new, off-the-rack Filson bag doesn’t cut it for you in the hipster stakes, check out the one-of-a-kind options. You’ll find everything from duffle bags to field bags and a computer bag that will probably outlast the next five machines you put in it. Only 10 restored bags are available each week, with new options added every Monday.

Filson Restoration Department from Filson on Vimeo.

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