FIVE Olive Oil

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Wine snobbery is so last century. Now it’s all about oil, and the top tipple is olive.

With a swish, a sniff and a sip, you should be able to critique the color, aroma, taste and acidity a quality olive oil. The oil aficionado should be able to talk about the olive’s origins, its varietals, the production methods used, and speak with more detail and authority on virginal status than an experienced gynecologist.

When you own bottles of the Five range of olive oils, all this comes easily. These oils come from Finiki Lakonias, Greece and they are indeed for the finicky. All the range is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (<27°C) to produce oils of extremely low acidity – none of them will exceed 0.6% acidity during their shelf-life (two years).

All the FIVE range of oils have a subtle aroma and a fruity and rather spicy flavor, with notes of bread and earth and… oh, wait – no, that’s because I’m drizzling it on bread that I dropped on the floor. The range includes Extra Virgin, Ultra Premium, Organic Extra Virgin (fruitier with a stronger aroma), and Unique (richer flavor and aroma), which is so fancy it even comes with “Swarovski elements” (swanky crystal) on the flask-like bottle.

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