G-Shock Five Minutes

Dec 12 • Media • 762 Views • No Comments on G-Shock Five Minutes

Got five minutes to kill? Head over to Casio’s Five Minutes, created to promote its G-Shock range. It’s best described as an interactive live-action zombie survival horror advert, and if this is the future of advertising, we want in.

Aside from a sprinkle of some rather blatant product placement you wouldn’t know this is anything to do with Casio or watches and are rather generously left to enjoy a short but sweet journey into a zombie apocalypse as a man trying to keep his daughter from becoming an entree for the undead. Some fairly simple controls involve swiping the mouse around the screen to draw shapes before a time limit expires, but really it’s about the visuals and the rather basic but enjoyable narrative.

It manages to build tension quite nicely and there are three levels of difficulty – try it on “Hell” and strap some headphones on for a rather edgy experience.

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