Gal Gadot

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Now that we have special effects good enough to do justice to superhero films, the silver screen is awash with recreations of everyone’s favourites, and rather than miss any out (and miss out on the chance for more money-spinning blockbusters) Hollywood is systemically working its way through the list. The success of The Avengers made a Justice League film inevitable, and you can’t spell “Justice League” without “Wonder Woman”. Or something.

Problem is, how do you go about making a film starring a scantily-clad buxom lady with bullet-reflecting bracelets, a golden lasso and an invisible plane? Gal Gadot, of Fast & Furious fame, that’s how. Now we’ll admit that unlike her comic book persona Gal isn’t exactly overflowing in the, how shall we say, chest area, but this is a Wonder Woman for the new age. There have to be some sacrifices.

As the former Miss Israel puts it “I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world”, and who are we to argue? She’ll be making an appearance in next year’s Batman vs. Superman before her own movie comes out in 2017, the same year The Justice League is also slated to hit the screens.

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