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Animated GIFs have seen a bit of a comeback since people realised they could share short videos on their Smartphone quite easily and websites like Vine started handing out awards. Providing people with a nice, efficient way of managing this sort of thing is a logical step then, and GIF Keyboard for iOS makes it very easy to do this either with your own personal clips or by choosing from millions of online entries that can help sum up the perfect moment.

The idea is you type a message out to someone and then choose a short video to help give a visual illustration of what you’re saying. I know what you’re thinking – this is the sort of thing that will get very annoying very fast. And you’d be right. To give you an example, creators Riffsy Inc. offer ideas such as “Express just how much you love pizza” and “Tell your crush that cuddling should be in your future”.

We’re already feeling queasy just thinking about it, but it’s the mobile generation people, words just don’t cut it any more.

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