Gigi Paris

Apr 12 • Women • 1332 Views • No Comments on Gigi Paris

Nobody uses the expression “gettin’ jiggy with it” any more, but we’ve found someone who can single-handedly bring it back. It’s Gigi Paris, ladies and gents, the kind of girl that’d make even a man of Will Smith’s stature go weak at the knees.

The kind of girl that, if one were to believe the blurb that accompanies this series of steamy, sultry and sizzling snaps will pop round to your flat and help you redecorate before she poses in a variety of random positions for you to take photos. In fact Gigi and her photographer spent so much time assembling flat-pack furniture they had to improvise a fairly “quick shoot” just to get these pictures up – lucky for her she’s photogenic.

This is part three of a trilogy and we’d urge you to cast an eye over the prequels – let’s hope the journey doesn’t end there.

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