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If there’s one thing better than a shiny new gadget that can do something amazing it’s a shiny new gadget that can do something amazing with something you’ve already got. The tech market is still fairly devoid of HUD-based stuff but this is an area that sounds very exciting and we’ve got another one for you here in the GogglePal. Budding skiers and snowboarders take note – if you ever wanted to combine your piste-based activities with your favourite snow-centric video game, this is the closest you’re going to get. It’s an augmented reality device that attaches to the lens of existing goggles for some quite spectacular results. Bring up a speedometer to see how fast you’re going in real time, use the six-axis gyroscope to track how you move and turn and retrace the last run or the entire day using logged data.

Then there’s satnav so you can find your friends, send messages and play games by searching for virtual treasure that you have to find and ski over – just like collecting a powerup. And you’ll get some fitness data back in the form of calories burned, time on the slopes and distance travelled.

In short it looks completely and utterly awesome, but needs your help to get off the ground – Kickstart it from here and then wait patiently until the end of the year, which fortunately is in the middle of the next ski season, for it to turn up at your door.

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