GoPro: Wingsuit Flight

Nov 27 • Videos • 1175 Views • No Comments on GoPro: Wingsuit Flight

It’s no wonder GoPro is doing such a good business in action cams with videos like this. Featuring a debatably sane adrenaline junkie by the name of Uli Emanuele, it aims to make a mockery out of our extreme sports feature by showcasing a wingsuit flight with a difference.

In one sense it’s a rather large difference, and on the other rather small – around two and a half meters wide in fact, which isn’t a lot when this is a gap in a giant rock that you’re planning to glide through at breakneck speed.

Barely bigger than the wingsuit itself, Uli is unperturbed by the fact that he might be following the fate of insects that decide to socialise on motorways and stays remarkably calm throughout. After one unsuccessful attempt from one side of the mountain, he decides to hike/climb to the other to get a better angle and, well we won’t ruin it for you, but suffice to say the results are pretty spectacular. Feast your eyes on some amazing visuals and heights of bravery the likes of which most of us could only dream.

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