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Smartwatches are still teetering on that technology precipice between “next big thing” and “failed gimmick”. Despite being around for a while they haven’t really taken off and one of the main reasons could be that tricky compromise of style vs functionality. Things could be about to change though, with a series of traditionally designed watches that have the smartness very sneakily integrated so nobody would notice.

An example of this is the Guess Connect, which is based on a best-selling watch design but integrates Martian smartwatch technology. As smartness goes it’s not on par with more dedicated wrist-bricks but still ticks a fair few boxes, delivering information from your phone via Bluetooth including notifications for email, messages and a wide range of compatible apps.

You can talk to it to issue voice commands, play music, control the camera and set up a security alert if your phone strays too far from your wrist. It’s even possible to create unique vibration patterns to distinguish between alert types, with a tap of the watch glass revealing the most recent information. It’s not as fully featured and versatile as a “proper” smartwatch but we have a feeling this strange hybrid market could have some legs.

Here’s a little video that shows how it all comes together:

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