Handgrey Keychain Carabiner

Handgrey Keychain Carabiner

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Sunny Inkavesvaanit, a member of Kickstarter, has an obsession with carabiners. That’s great news, because we also happen to love both carabiners and Inkavesvaanit’s design sense.

The Handgrey Keychain Carabiner was created specifically for use as a personal accessory. In other words, no cheap materials, and none of those gaudy designs that are made for rock climbers. Instead, the Handgrey Carabiners are a result of over 102 design iterations. They’re cut using EDM wire-cutting technology, and are made from Grade 5 Titanium. Essentially, what this means is that these carabiners are lighter, stronger, and definitely sexier than anything you’ll find at your local sporting goods store.

6 different models are available, with the H8 version also including an integrated, full-leverage bottle opener.

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