Hang In There: The Best Hammocks for the Home

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Everyone loves a hammock, and you don’t need the best hammock money can buy to enjoy the unbridled comfort of a simple, portable lounger. The most basic balls of string will do the trick but get yourself a good one and suddenly being stranded on a desert island or stuck in a jungle doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore.

These days there are plenty of ways less adventurous types can enjoy the peaceful sway of a hammock without venturing into the great beyond thanks to a range of hammock-inspired furniture designed to spruce up a garden, patio, or even a bedroom. Here we present the best hammocks for the home – five great designs that’ll make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

Adam Cornish Wooden Hammock


There’s no hiding the aesthetic qualities of Adam Cornish’s Wooden Hammock design – it’s a beautifully crafted alternative to traditional cloth or string hammocks and consists of a number of wooden slats that look rather like they’ve been modelled around the specific shape of your back and presumably fit perfectly around your spine to offer you the ultimate in comfort lounging.

These slats are separated with rubber vertebrae that allow the segments to move as you do, and are environmentally friendly having been manufactured from plantation grown plywood, though it can also be recreated from a wide range of other sheet materials such as bamboo. You’ll still need a couple of trees or a purpose-built frame to tie this to, but it’d certainly complement any modern garden or outdoor space.

Seóra Lounger


Here we have something that’s a little more self-contained than a regular hammock as it comes supplied with a stylish curving stainless steel frame that you can just place down wherever you decide to kick back and relax.

The Seóra Lounger has won awards for its striking curves and attractive slatted wooden design, with bespoke beams held in place by “the finest quality Olympic sailing rope” for an uber-comfortable ride as it responds naturally to the curve of your body. The design also incorporates an adjustable footrest so you can fine-tune that perfect position, and though it might not look like it, can be quickly disassembled into three pieces with no tools or screws required, so you might just get away with being able to take this on holiday.

Customisation options include a brushed or mirrored finish on the frame and a range of cushions and pillows along with a side-pocket for your personal items. Pick one of these up for the next barbecue and it won’t just be the sausages that are sizzling in the sun.

Walnut Para


If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional with a rather unusual twist, this Walnut Para Hammock should do the trick. It’s constructed from no less than 700 pieces of walnut and amazingly each is hand crafted, ensuring every item is unique. They are all connected with a flexible and forgiving para cord to help you shuffle into the perfect position with ease and it’s treated to be super weather resistant, so you can leave this baby out all night without worrying about returning to a pulp of rotting wood.

Of course the advantage of being “traditional”, in that it’s designed to be suspended between two strong trees, is that you can swing in it – designers Chaffee Graham claims it induces relaxation and daydreaming, and we can certainly imagine wiling away many an hour slowly weaving back and forth in a gentle breeze while supping on a fresh Mojito.

Kokoon Hammock


There are probably still a few men around for whom relaxation and spending time with the wife are not mutually exclusive (and to these men, we salute you) so there’s always a chance you might be looking for something that can be enjoyed with a partner.

The Kokoon Hammock is your own little love nest and though it doesn’t offer the tree-swinging simplicity of a traditional design, makes up for that with premium materials and of course supreme comfort. It’s made from the finest responsibly sourced mature teak wood, has an integrated sun shade and can be bought with an optional set of curtains for extra privacy or protection from the elements. Truly an ultimate accessory for any modern home with a generous outdoor space, and probably the best chance you’ve got of convincing the other half that this is something you really need to buy to make your lives complete.

Amara Double Cacoon


Here’s something that actually looks like it’d help you survive out in the wilderness – the Hang-In-Out Double Cacoon by Amara (why can’t anyone spell cocoon properly?) is described as a “hanging haven for grownups and growing up” and we couldn’t agree more. There looks like there’s plenty of fun to be had in this relaxation refuge, which is constructed of cotton and polyester so it’s fully mould, water and UV resistant and has a sturdy, rust-proof aluminium ring to keep the base in shape so it can be hung from a single rope.

Though not as premium as some of the other offerings here, the advantage of using such lightweight material is of course that you can fold it up into a manageable size and slip it into the supplied carry bag, so if you’re not planning on using it as a cheap tree-house in the garden to keep the kids quiet until you fancy a bit of DIY, you can easily take it away with you to enjoy when out and about.

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