HP Sport Sub 2

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There is a fairly limited array of options available for the average Joe when it comes to exploring the ocean. Sure, you could go it alone with a fancy accessory or take to the seas in a shark cage if you’re feeling brave, but what we really want to see is more vehicles that allow you to explore in comfort.

The HP Sport Sub 2 would surely be the perfect opportunity – a hireable sub that you can roll off the beach and jet around in for an hour while the wife is shopping for knock-off designer gear sounds like a perfect temporary escape, though with a price tag of €1,000,000 is likely to cost a bit more to rent out than a plastic canoe.

It’s probably a little too overpowered for your average boozed-up gringo as well, with six thrusters for superb manoeuvrability and control, a depth rating of 100 meters, imaging sonar, underwater lights, a built-in navigation system and air conditioning. In reality it’s intended to be fitted to superyachts at sizes of 30 meters and up, with a high freeboard for easy boarding at the surface, so you’ll need to be very rich or very good at pretending to be if you want a chance to drive one.

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