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Husqvarna’s new 401 Vitpilen (Swedish for ‘White Arrow’) and Svartpilen (‘Black Arrow’) are concept bikes created by the industrial design company Kiska. Both are super-lightweights (297 lb) with ‘retro-futuristic’ looks, while still boasting the purity and simplicity that Husqvarna fans like Steve McQueen have always loved.

These are no superbikes – the duo feature a 373cc thumper and a modest 43 bhp, but they are made to appeal to both new motorcyclists and experienced heads who want a practical weapon around the city. Make no mistake, these, light, agile animals will still beat cars in urban maneuvers and take-off from traffic lights.

The Vitpilen is meant to show how simple and pure a roadbike can be, with rearsets that give maximum clearance in the corners. The Svartpilen is also very much a roadbike, but has goodies from Husqvarna’s rich off-road heritage so you can hit the dirt – the high-mounted muffler and a headlamp with an integrated cage show that it’s ready to kick up some rocks.

Both bikes have a devilish look complete with upside-down WP forks, lightweight trellis frames, and 17-inch wheels, all juxtaposed by the lit halo surrounding the outer bezel of the dual-LED headlamp. Husqvarna is gauging reaction before putting the bikes into production – so the big question is, can the 401 tempt you?

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