Hyperlapse from Instagram

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Sadly, no-one has time to watch the video footage of your entire five mile trail run or the three hours of the music festival you recorded… on your phone. Even if they did, they would probably get motion sickness from the camera jerkiness – it’s no longer ‘arty’ after the first 17 minutes, but who really carries a tripod for their phone?

Hyperlapse changes everything. You can speed up your video to 12 times normal speed, and using Instagram’s in-house stabilization, the bumpiness in your footage is instantly smoothed out. In fact, you can film while you are walking, running, riding a bike or falling at the end of a bungee cord, and still come away with a video that has a cinematic feel.

Hyperlapse is perfect for seamless posting to Instagram, or say all you want on Facebook via high-speed vids. You can also save your video to your camera roll so you can share them anywhere, anytime. No sign up or account is required, you just need an iPhone. The only thing that would make this better is the ability to record sound on the 1x speed. But hey, someone’s still got to sell video cameras and recording equipment.

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