J&B Limited Tattoo Edition-1

J&B Limited Tattoo Edition

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Just recently I read about a guy in the news who tattooed his dog. Now man has tattooed something even dearer to his heart – his Scotch whisky.

J&B rare scotch blend whisky and tattooing both began in London in the mid-19th century. Tattoos really took off in Britain after 1862, when Prince Bertie (later known by his more butch moniker, King Edward VII) had himself inked in the Holy Land. It is not known whether the salty prince was schmammered on Scotch at the time, but many men who entered tattoo parlors after him were. Only now have J&B rare scotch blend whisky and tattoos been brought together.

It wasn’t easy. It took around 20 hours to tat up each of the 25 individually designed bottles, which are presented in a rough black wooden box. Each bottle had to be fully covered with a latex material, just like the one used when tattooing. It even comes in the pale, nicotine hue of Scotsman’s skin.

The project was commissioned by wine and spirits merchant Justerini & Brooks, with art done by Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx, a private tattoo room in Paris. The finished products are on display at Publicis Drugstore and at L’Éclaireur Rue Herold in Paris – but you’re not allowed to drink the art.

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