Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer

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Few things are as “Jurassic” as the Super Bowl and few movies are as “Jurassic” as Jurassic Park (seriously? Ed). So it’s fitting that one of the all-American uber-event’s trailers is for the latest revision of the movie; the upcoming Jurassic World.

Giant sea monsters, doggy-trained raptors and zorbing through herds of herbivores are just a few of the highlights you can expect to see in a trailer that appears to reveal a lot, without actually revealing very much. The general premise is that the theme park is back, its customers have no qualms about being feet away from murderous behemoths with a history of destruction and mankind has learnt nothing at all about playing god. In fact it has only gone and “made a new dinosaur” – one with giant teeth, claws and super-intelligence apparently, because hell yeah.

We certainly think there’s room to have a bit of a reboot of the Jurassic Park films if done properly, but get a funny feeling this one will go down like fossilised lead balloon. Either way we’ll have to wait until June to find out.

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