Kairos T Band Smartwatch

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We’ve just looked at what the Smartwatch market has to offer to people who’d like to retain a bit of understated style with their gadgety notifications, and it’s nice to see the tech boffins attending to the personal attachment someone might get from their favourite timepiece design.

Here’s something rather interesting that goes one step further – it offers the benefits of a Smartwatch but wants to supplement, rather than replace, the thing you have on your wrist. It’s called the Kairos T-band, and we’ll admit that it looks very cool. The idea is it fits onto a watch in place of the existing strap to offer an understated Smartwatch component that’s built into the strap itself.

Available in three guises – the first is faceless and simply delivers basic notifications via a vibrator and multi-colour LED indicator. The second offers text-based notifications when required that fade out discreetly to mask its true colours, and the third is a touch-sensitive OLED display with an 11x15mm viewing area and 170dpi resolution, so there you have your Skype video calls, satnav directions and various other functions, all controlled by Kairos’ own OS (compatible with Android, iOS and Microsoft).

You can even buy it as a full watch, face and all, and we weren’t surprised to see these got an honourable mention at the Red Dot Design Award 2014. Take a look at a wide range of options on the IndieGogo page linked above.

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