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Being a legit cool surf dude requires a few simple things – a stereotypical haircut and tan, the ability to pull off at least two rad moves on the waves and a flagrant disregard for your own personal safety. Unfortunately the latter often precludes wave-dwellers from investing in accessories such as a life jacket, but here we have something that could save your bacon without ruining your sea-cred.

It’s the world’s smallest life preserver and comes in the form of a slimline capsule that attaches to the wrist. Pull the handle and out pops a giant orange balloon – immediately dashing your hopes of making the cover of Surfers Monthly but by hopefully saving your life, at least affording you the opportunity to try again next issue. There’s also a compass and whistle attached and it’s rechargeable with an easy to replace CO2 cartridge so can be used repeatedly.

Kingii wants to be on your doorstep saving your life in September 2015 when it’ll be shipping following its successful Indiegogo campaign. Head over there now for a better look and some tasty discounts.

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