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Here at Fataldose we love James Bond. Let’s be honest – it’s largely to do with the gadgets and the fancy vehicles, and hot on the heels of the Aston Martin Concept comes a sea-faring number that could well make it into the sure-to-be-commissioned James Bond 2099.

It’s called the Kormaran, and holy hell it looks cool. Kormaran claims that it hasn’t just invented a new boat, it’s invented a new boat class. Given the fact that it transforms into six different guises we’re inclined to agree. These include a monohull, catamaran, trimaran, a fuel-efficient “flight mode” and a bathing mode, which effectively extends sunbathing platforms.

The first prototype was completed in 2012 and what you’ll see in the above link is the advanced prototype, which surely means it’s pretty much ready to go. With a 500 horsepower engine, three jet propellers and a top speed of 44mph, at which it can travel for about 200km, we’re not even sure if Bond is man enough to ride it.

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