LaCie Sphère

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External hard drives are not the most exciting of technologies. We’ve all spent many an hour gazing wistfully at the blinking green light on that bland, grey box, yearning for the day when our most important data will get the aesthetically pleasing enclosure it truly deserves. Thanks to Christofle, manufacturer of fine silver flatware, and Lacie, distributor of dreams come true, that day is now.

More art than accessory, the Christofle Sphère (the accent is important – it’s pronounced sferAY, please) is handcrafted and silvered in France, which requires a time-consuming precise manual silver plating and polishing procedure in Christofle’s Normandy workshop.

Oh yes, and it is a hard drive as well. USB 3.0 compatible (naturally), with 1TB of storage, powered by USB so you don’t ruin the view with clunky power cables, and it’ll set you back $490.


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