Lamborghini Academy

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Those of us who failed to grow up to become Lewis Hamilton already have to face not coming home to Nicole Scherzinger every night, but there’s no reason why we should also have to come to terms with driving around in a dodgy old Prius every day.

Thanks to the Lamborghini Academy, where the Highway Code gets tossed to the kerb as you hurtle around a track at breakneck speeds in one of the world’s most iconic supercars, you can relive your dreams for at least a brief period of time, safe in the company of an experienced instructor who’s ready and able to smooth down that fly-away hair as you hit your third hairpin at 90mph.

There’s a choice of tracks that include Silverstone, Imola and Hockenheim, and a range of programmes available with a range of prices. As a ball-park figure you’re looking at €3,500 at Silverstone for a day’s driving, excluding VAT. Now, that does include an overnight stay, insurance and some additional bells and whistles, but wow… can we not throw in a Sherzinger?

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