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Electric bikes are one of those intriguing modern hybrids that may not seem immediately appealing, but when you realise you can “drive” them on the pavement, through parks and along trails that’d otherwise prove cumbersome or illegal for a full-sized chopper you start to realise the benefits, and when they’re as good looking as this the seed of interest can truly be sowed.

The LEBOWSKe 10 is a fat bike, and a bit of a beast. With a 350W electric-assist motor you can propel yourself at a top speed of 20mph on the four-inch wide Schwalbe tires that are ideal for sand, woods, snow – pretty much anything you can walk on will get torn up by this all-terrain behemoth. An 11-speed X01 drivetrain and high-quality aluminium felt components keep comfort at a premium and when your legs get tired you can just sit back and flick on the motor.

This sort of gear doesn’t come cheap though – the asking price is $5,799 but for those serious about their trailblazing it could well be worth the investment.

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