Lego on Hoth

Mar 1 • Photography • 1679 Views • No Comments on Lego on Hoth

Hardcore Star Wars fans and hardcore Lego fans share something very important in common – neither has truly lost their passion for their medium and neither has truly grown up, something that we have to heartily applaud.

Mix the two together and you have something like this – Lego on Hoth – a rather striking display of photographic recreations from The Empire Strikes Back era involving some ingenious lighting, dramatic camera angles and a whole ton of little plastic bricks, created solely by someone known only as Avanaut, and posted to Flickr for your enjoyment and perusal.

Usually we’d be tempted to make nerd jokes at this point, given the sheer time that was clearly involved in creating such a gallery, but we’re going to take our hats off to this chap – there’s some impressive talent gone into that. Are you paying attention Disney?

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