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For most dog owners, “walkies” is something that starts off as a novelty and inevitably becomes a bit of a chore, especially when you realise your pooch’s bowel movements are out of sync with the advert breaks on your favourite shows.

Time to jazz up that mundane trek around the block with a gadget then, and this one will leave both your hands free to play Candy Crush on your Smartphone. Despite looking like a cheap prop from a Star Trek set, the Lishinu wrist-based retractable leash is actually superbly practical.

An auto-lock mechanism ensures that wrist movements are translated without the need for a separate button, it’s adjustable from 50-300cm in length and there’s an emergency release rope if you look up from your phone long enough for discover you’re getting dragged face down through the mud towards a busy road. It even comes in a range of colours, so you can coordinate it with all the other devices you’re using to turn yourself into a domesticated version of Robocop.

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