maarno folding boat

Maarno Foldable Boat

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The problem with most boats is that, aside from being prohibitively expensive to buy, the bills just keep on coming. Mooring fees, cleaning and maintenance, insurance, depreciation, not to mention the hassle involved in dragging it down to the water – it’s a wonder your average Joe has enough in the bank to afford a fishing rod to catch his own dinner.

Fortunately there’s a rather clever solution to most of these problems from designers Max Frommeld and Armo Mathies, otherwise known as maarno. Their prototype maarno Folding Boat was inspired by a paper-folding workshop and is made from a standard sheet of plastic, compacts down into a parcel that measures roughly 150x80cm, includes oars and seat cushions, and unfolds to seat one or two people.

You won’t be hosting any Playboy champagne cruises on this thing, but it should still allow you to enjoy the tranquil delights of an afternoon on the river and when you’re done, just fold it up and stick it in the back of the car.

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