Mad Max: Fury Road Official Retaliate Trailer

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Hands up who wants to know more about the new Mad Max movie! Everyone should have their hands up. In the spirit of the film those who haven’t will have them partially severed and replaced with robotic appendages.

Here it is – and there’s quite a lot more to be excited about since we last saw Mel’s able stand-in strapped to the front of a death machine. Seemingly centred on a partially-limbed femme fatale, who seems like she’ll play a fairly major role, this one takes a slightly different approach by alluding to an emotional undertone but without losing any of the dark tone and post-apocalyptic desolation. It’s a bleak world out there people, but one that Max can presumably walk us through by kicking ass and taking names.

There are heroes, explosions, ridiculously over-modded vehicles and what could not possibly be anything other than a rip-roaring ride into a future. That’s our take on it anyway, and we can’t wait. Don’t let us down Max!

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