Maharajas’ Express

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It is of no concern of mine whether the lovely lady in the picture above paid for her ticket for the Maharajas’ Express solely through her own hard work and sticktoitiveness or it was bought for her by some rich type with a sickening penchant for the finer things in life. What is a concern of mine is that writing for FatalDose doesn’t bring in nearly enough for me to entertain option two.

Careful calculations indicate that at the current rate of quality-based pay I would have to work for approximately three billion years to afford the world’s leading luxury train (I make it four billion – Ed), which offers 88 en-suite rooms divided into 20 deluxe cabins with Wi-Fi and satellite TV alongside two restaurants, a bar and a high-end boutique, all of which are presented within exquisitely designed interiors.

There’s a choice of five different itineraries on an 8-day/7-night long journey that winds its way around some of India’s most breathtaking locations, including New Delhi – the City of Djinns, Agra – the Beacon of Love and Udaipur – the City of Lakes.

Prices vary, but the cheapest itineraries start at $3,850 per adult for your run of the mill “Deluxe” cabin, which let’s face it, is still nicer than my house.

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