Margot Robbie

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Neighbours seems like a bit of a feeder club for hot actresses who want to “make” it in the movie biz. The Australian soap that has been running since time began can boast highlights such as Melissa George, Holly Valance, Radha Mitchell, Madeleine West – all blonde bombshells who made the transition, all actresses that haven’t exactly set the world alight so far.

Things could be about to change though, because this latest fair-haired beauty has, mini-series and a minor feature aside, jumped straight into the role of leading lady in Martin Scorcese’s Oscar-bait, The Wolf of Wall Street. Such a feat already propels Margot Robbie above her contemporaries and has secured her a series of commissions over the next couple of years including the iconic role of Jane in the 2016-slated Tarzan movie.

Best of all, Margot has a joke for you, and she’s telling it in her panties. It’s not a good joke, which is probably why she’s telling it in her panties. We love her anyway.

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