Meat: Everything you need to know

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Meat is important. It can be slapped in a sandwich, popped in a pan, whacked under the grill or slung in a stew and in no time you’ll by enjoying sweet, tasty sustenance that’s the cornerstone of any good meal. But all meats are not created equal. Some demand your respect. You can’t just pick up a nice juicy fillet and treat it with the same bravado you would a slice of bacon.

Meat: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW will tell you all of this and more. It offers 75 recipes to flavour and serve in creative ways, there are tips on how to choose the right cut and useful techniques to save time in the kitchen, all illustrated with step-by-step photographs for tricky operations and to showcase the finished product.

Author Pat LaFrieda is a third generation butcher who has inspired famous chefs with his knowhow and also interweaves tales of life in the meatpacking business to make this more than just a pick up and put down manual. As recipe books go, this one’s a cut above the rest.

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