Mercedes G-Class Squared

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Mercedes hasn’t made its name from rugged four by fours so it has quite literally gone off road by pimping up its G-Class to produce with the new G-Class Squared. Let’s attempt to decipher the name here by explaining that it has taken its previous G83 AMG 6×6, that celebration of all that is crazy in the world, ripped off a couple of wheels and an axle but left the rest the rest in place, which somehow translates to cubing the traditional 4×4. That and let’s face it, it’s pretty boxy.

Anyway the important thing is that this means the “squared” is a hell of an off-roader, with permanent all-wheel drive that’s pushed along by a 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine and ground clearance of 450mm that combines to leave Mercedes claiming that obstacles simply don’t exist anymore, and that “grip is unlimited”.

Like our words, the still pictures of this thing don’t really do it justice – a video showing it in action will be a far more effective way of demonstrating what the squared is capable of, and will also provide you with handy tips on how to take a car out for a joyride and bring it back sparkly clean:

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