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Health and fitness gadgets are the biggest new craze in consumer technology and are selling so well right now we feel it’s reasonable to ask why the streets aren’t filled with Olympic-level athletes in the peak of physical condition. The answer, most probably, is found in three little letters – FAD. But who doesn’t love a good fad, and if gadgets are here and they’re going to help us lose weight with the awesome power of gadgetry, who are you to resist?

Microsoft doesn’t want to be left out, and with its new Microsoft Health service promises all the usual exercise and fitness reports on your smartphone via the unappealing named “Microsoft Band”. This handles heart rate, calories burned and sleep quality, plus it lets you check your emails and appointments and in tandem with a phone can design custom workouts, map jogging routes and set a variety of fitness goals. It also works with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, so you’ll be able to wheeze instructions into your wrist mid-jog such as “find me the nearest pizzeria/bar/hospital” without breaking a stride.

All things being equal it looks like a pretty nice piece of kit and isn’t just confined to Windows phones either, being compatible with both Android and iOS. Particularly effective if you would have only spent the $199 it costs on pizza and beer anyway.

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