Miito Electric Kettle

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We’re fed up with kettles. Of all the appliances you’ll see dotted around a modern home, this is one that’s made no effort to move with the times and reimagine itself with a futuristic twist or a radical new feature – until now.

Here we have the Miito. It’s a kettle which doesn’t look anything at all like a kettle, which is great because as we’ve said we’re fed up with kettles. AND it’s not just based on the aesthetic – there are genuine environmental benefits here from helping you not to waste energy boiling too much water.

The concept is simple but quite ingenious, and comprises of an induction base onto which you place a mug or pot of water straight from the tap and then put something that’s only been described as “the rod” into the water. We’re going to presume the receptacle doesn’t also reach boiling point and scald the fingers of whoever collects the hot beverage and say this looks like a cool idea.

Here’s a video where you can see the patent-pending future boiler in action:

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