Mini Superleggera Vision

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Combine British character with an Italian classic? If you’ve ever had English lasagne or rocked your Doc Martens with a Ermenegildo Zegna suit, then you know this can be fraught with danger. Thankfully, combining the traditional Mini design with a classic roadster bonnet and an open two-seater design seems like a much more natural fit.

The Superleggera Vision has the raciness and over-the-top Britishness of the Mini Nigel Powers (Austin’s dad) drove in Goldmember, but with lashings of Italian flair. The ‘bulldog’ stance sees the wheels pushed all the way to the corners for maximum agility, while three-dimensional bonnet stripes emboss the hood, which sits over muscular wheel arches. The Brit kicks in with Union Jack bracketing on the inside of the doors and from behind, each rear light makes up half of an LED Union Jack, separated by a sparkling chrome bar.

Despite metal bar, the designers claim that the performance for the electric-powered car comes through lightness and efficiency of bodywork and interior. In fact, the naked aluminium dashboard is made out of a single sheet of metal, all the more harking back to the brand’s British racing heritage. Hmm, maybe I’ll take that black pudding pizza after all.

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