Mystery Box

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“What’s in the box?” asked Brad Pitt at the end of David Fincher’s excellent Seven, displaying all of his full range of two emotions in one classic scene. Well it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head this time, which is clearly too big for the Mystery Box – a curiosity designed with art direction from J.J Abrams that contains 12 decks of specially crafted playing cards.

Ok, I guess we could have waited until the end to reveal what was inside the Mystery Box, but then why build needless tension for what seems like an eternity only to deliver an underwhelming payoff, eh Mr. Abrams?

72 hours of my life I’m never getting back…


Let’s get back to this box.

It’s a rather fancy handcrafted lockbox made of century-old reclaimed wood, with an alphanumeric combination lock and an iron-branded Mystery Box emblem. According to the website, the choice to open the box or not, is yours. I guess this largely depends on whether anyone fancies a game of cards.

You can buy the decks individually for $9.95, $1 of which goes to 826 National to promote creative writing in schools in the US, or the lockbox for $149.95. So perhaps the real mystery is how you’re going to make enough profit at Hold’em to pay for it.

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