Nakanosawagawa tree house retreat

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For most Dads the joy of a tree house comes from the actual construction – putting some serious DIY and woodwork skills to the test is reward enough, and it’s the kids that get the real fun out of pretending to live in it. But why compromise? Ryo Yamada didn’t when he built the Nakanosawagawa Tree House Retreat because he built one inside his own home, or more specifically left a number of distinctly designed spaces on the top floor to house multiple.

It’s described as an “ever-evolving space” because the various parts of the home are designed to be moved around to cope with the long, harsh winters that are synonymous with the region, so each season tree houses are moved to different areas through specially built passages that link each part of the home.

It’s a wacky idea for sure, but his kids are having plenty of fun as you can see from the additional images in the above link, and if you think the place looks half built that’s part of the idea – it makes it easier to move things around, apparently.

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