Neptune Duo Smartwatch

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The technology industry is waiting with bated breath for Apple to release its smart watch. Not because it’s necessarily better than what is around already, but because smart watches haven’t really taken off and nobody really knows if they ever will. Going by previous form in the tech world it seems fair to say that if Apple’s fan-boys aren’t interested in queuing round the block for its latest shiny trinket you might as well just draw a line under it and move on.

OR we could wait and see if anything a little bit different turns up that might change people’s minds, like the Neptune Duo. Yes, you’ll look a little bit like you’re on parole and need to stay within 400 yards of your home while wearing it, but there’s something enticingly alluring about these smooth lines and if the aforementioned company has taught us something else it’s that form without function can still sell…

Ok let’s focus on the Duo. It consists of the wrist-strap band thing you can see along with a pocket screen that looks like a smartphone. The two work in tandem with the slab doing the hard work and the wearable showing it off. There’s a quad-core processor built in so it’s no slouch, along with all of the modern connectivity you’d expect (including NFC), allowing you to make calls, send messages, track fitness and stay connected via the wrist component.

AND it runs on Lollipop, so there’s no fiddling about with Android Wear. AND it looks gorgeous. BUT if you’re not willing to pledge early and save up to $300 it’ll set you back a whopping $800. Hey Apple – all is forgiven.

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