Nike Flyknit Air Max

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Some people say religion keeps them grounded, others their family or their work. That’s stupid – it’s shoes that connect you to the ground. In shoes as in life, seek diversity – and it looks like these kicks came from a design team consisting of rave party animal, a kaftan-clad fashionista hermaphrodite and a very serious runner.

The ‘flyknit’ refers to a wire-like thread developed by Nike that is weaved through the shoe’s upper to maximise support and minimise weight. It’s kind of a big deal – the holy grail in endurance running shoes is to have maximum support at the mid-foot to stop your foot moving around inside the shoe, which brings on blisters, a loss of kinetic energy and an inefficient use of the shoe. The flyknit provide this mid-foot support, with the snug and comfortable feel of a new sock.

Down below all this is the most flexible Max Air unit to date, packing fat pipes to pass more air underfoot for max cushioning and better transitions, even if you’re a heel-striking gumby. Doesn’t matter – you’ll look like you can kick a cigarette out of someone’s mouth, then sprint away like Bolt and jump the wall like Jordan.

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