Nike Teague Plane

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Footballers are a pampered lot. In between entertaining us by kicking a ball around a field a couple of times a week they’re earning the kinds of wages that could eradicate world hunger, pulling the kind of women that’d satisfy a Saudi Prince and buying enough supercars to keep Italian designers in fancy suits for life.

And now they have futuristic uber-planes to fly in, courtesy of Teague. The reasoning is simple – the ridiculous amount of money that permeates top class sport means that millions can be won or lost on the performance of a single player – and that means keeping the little darlings happy as often as you can.

Jetting around the world in first-class cabins and private jets can be rather stressful, you see, so Teague’s interior, which was developed alongside a Nike design team, includes such facilities as in-flight biometrics to accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment, optimum circulation to promote healing, ideal sleep conditions and mental activities to keep the grey matter in check. No doubt they get a selection of in-flight movies that are actually worth watching and a stewardess that doesn’t judge when you order a fourth vodka and coke as well.

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