North Of The Sun

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For some people life is about more than repetitive routines, daily grinds, and laborious long hours. For others it is about experiences, about forgoing the banal in favour of the unpredictable. Often dismissed by those who don’t have the desire or ability to live outside of the material world and fear the potential of the unbridled mind, these free-living folk think of what they want to do and then just go and do it.

Two of these people are Norwegians Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum, who one day decided to just wander off and spend nine months of the Norwegian winter on an isolated and uninhabited bay in the Lofoten Islands, surfing, scrounging and surviving. The picture above, and others from this link, depicts the cabin they built themselves from driftwood scavenged from the shore, along with various other items that washed up.

Their surf-inspired adventure was a success, as you can see for yourself if you want to pay a few dollars to watch the video of their experience. And they have never revealed the location of their secret haven, which is how it should stay.

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